Contact Information


Mailing Address for All Buildings & Departments is:

P.O. Box 3620
North Branch, MI 48461

To contact us by email, use the following example

John Doe's email address would be

To contact us by phone refer to the lisings below:

Central Administration (810) 688-3570
Superintendent: Jim Fish
Secretary: Rhoda Lucia

Special Education Department (810) 688-3570
Supervisor:  Teresa Upleger ext 2305
Secretary: Judy Fleury ext 2301

Transportation (810) 688-3660
Supervisor: Mark Britton

Food Service (810) 688-3042
Supervisor: Louise Nellenbach ext 2418

Operations and Technology (810) 688-3570
Director: Jeffrey Drayton ex 2708

Technology Coordinator Support (810) 688-3570
Coordinator: Mark Brown ext 2709

Homeless Liaison (810) 688-3284
Natalee Rodriguez ex 2165

North Branch High School (810) 688-3001
Principal: Mark Hiltunen
Assistant Principal: John Sherman

Quest Alternative High School (810) 688-7581

Principal:  Mark Hiltunen
Director: Corey Rosser

Ruth Fox Middle School (810) 688-3284
Principal: Dane Terauds
Assistant Principal:  Bill Barkowska

North Branch Elementary School (810) 688-3042

Principal: Greg Matheson
Assistant Principal: Kim Hewitt