Staff Contact List


 This page offers two options for contacting your child's teacher.


1. You can easily email your child's teacher by clicking on the email address. 


2. You may also reach the teacher by dialing (810)688-3041 or (810)688-3042 and entering the extension number listed below for the teacher you wish to contact .


Many studies have shown that student success is fostered by an open communication between school and home. Please join us in this essential partnership. We want to hear from you:)

BK/Kindergarten Teachers
Mrs. Bailey  ext. 2425
Mrs. Brandt  ext. 2523
Mrs. Buike  ext. 2446
Mrs. Davis ext. 2522
Ms. Fitzpatrick ext. 2538
Mrs. James ext. 2533
Mrs. Mitchell ext. 2436
Mrs. Polly ext. 2431
Mrs. Racine ext. 2549

First Grade Teachers 

Mrs. Anderson ext. 2420

Mrs. Friday   ext.2429

Mrs. Grasak  ext. 2531

Mrs. Jenuwine   ext. 2435

Mrs. Bareither ext. 2551

Mrs. Yens ext. 2428


Second Grade Teachers

Mrs. Barrows  ext. 2422

Mrs. Bower  ext. 2524

Miss Carter  ext. 2525

Mrs. Conley ext. 2526

Mrs. Krugielki  ext. 2536

Miss Richardson  ext. 2445

Third Grade Teachers 

Mrs. Bader  ext. 2520

Miss Berridge ext. 2424

Mrs. Bodnar ext. 2423

Mrs. Coppo ext. 2427

Mr. Maxwell ext. 2537

Mrs. Nowak ext.2540 

Fourth Grade Teachers

Mrs. Hubbell ext.

Mrs. Scigel  ext. 2513

Mrs. Sieradzki ext. 2434

Mrs. Smith   ext. 2442

Mrs. Smielewski   ext. 2421

Mrs. Thompson ext. 2441

Speech Teachers

Mrs. Trisch  ext. 2455

Mrs. Walters  ext. 2550

Hearing Impaired Teacher

Mrs. Barkowska   ext. 2513

Preschool Teacher

Mrs. Ludwig ext. 2447 

Early Childhood Teacher

Mrs. Martin Roeske (Miss Patti) ext. 2533

Reading Recovery Teachers

Mrs. Schoen  ext. 2456

Mrs. Smillie   ext. 2553

Reading Specialist

Mrs. Gormley  ext. 2530 

Specials Teachers

Mrs. Ehardt  ext. 2426

Mrs. Kolacz  ext. 2430

Mr. Watson  ext. 2558

Mr. White  ext. 2561

Special Education Teachers
Mrs. Bonner ext. 2535
Mrs. Lane   ext. 2432
Mr. VanHorn  ext. 2555 
Mrs. Walker   ext. 2452