Baksa, Mrs - Art

My Family

Hello Ruth Fox Middle School parents! My name is 

Mrs. Baksa


Brent and I

This is my twenty-first year teaching in the North Branch School District. I have been married for twenty-one years. My husband, Brent Baksa, is a science teacher at the high school. We have three children, Gabriel, Jackson, and Oliver. I am blessed to be able to have my "dream job" which is to teach art! I hope my enthusiasm for the visual arts is contagious. It brings me great joy to watch the students surprise themselves with their own artistic abilities. 

Boys at Lighthouse

I am outnumbered in my family. We watch a lot of football. Outside of the school day, you might find me at home playing Legos, basketball, Batman, cars, or swimming. The boys in my house fight over toys, video games, what TV shows to watch, what food to eat, and what music to listen to, but one thing we ALL agree about is what team to cheer for, 

GO BLUE!!!!Me and Gabe