Community Hall of Fame

1.  Purpose

The North Branch Area Schools Community Hall of Fame was founded for the purpose of recognizing individuals or teams with significant achievement who have made outstanding contributions to North Branch Area Schools.

Hall of Fame inductees could have excelled in academics, arts, athletics, or volunteerism while at North Branch Area Schools either as a student, teacher, coach,  team, administrator, parent volunteer, or community member. This could also include individuals who have distinguished themselves as successful adults in their respective careers, including those who have received honors through meritorious service in selected careers and/or have served as benefactors of mankind.

2. Criteria for Nominations

  1. All candidates must be nominated on an official Community Hall of Fame nominating form. [Download Form Below]
  2. The candidate must be eligible in one of the following categories:
  1. The nominee, if a former STUDENT, ATHLETE OR TEAM, must wait at least TEN (10 ) years from the time of  his/her class graduated from North Branch High School.
  2. The nominee, if a COACH, must have departed from the North Branch High School athletic program and must have made an outstanding contribution to the athletic program during his/her tenure.
  3. The nominee, if a SCHOOL OFFICIAL (employee), must have departed from North Branch Area Schools and must have made an outstanding contribution to North Branch Area Schools during his/her tenure.
  4. The nominee, if a COMMUNITY MEMBER, will be considered if ongoing and outstanding contributions have been made to programs at North Branch Area Schools.

C. The nominee must have demonstrated good citizenship in school and after leaving school.