Stadium Enhancement Fundraiser



March 15th - June 14th, 2020 

The North Branch Community Track Committee, North Branch Boosters, and the North Branch Athletic department are raising money to help pay for additional stadium enhancements.  The North Branch School Board has set aside money over the past few years to replace the school’s 6 lane track.  They opted to install an 8 lane track so that our school may host high school state regional track events and its own large scale invitational track meets.  These bricks will be placed on the north side of the stadium (between the concession stand and Stable locker room) in a new school seal (NB).    

This campaign will raise money for additional improvements such as, new scoreboard ($30,000 already raised), upgraded sound system, an entry gateway, track mats and covers, track carts, finishing the interior of press box, signage, branding, beautification, minor landscaping, sideline track protector, park benches, and new Stable locker room (existing Stable will become storage for mats, hurdles, and equipment).


(Sample School Seal w/ paver bricks)                                  New Scoreboard - 15 feet high x 24 feet wide