Washington DC


One of the most exciting opportunities for learning at North Branch Middle School is the annual 8th grade trip to Washington, D.C.  During the trip we will reinforce many of the themes studied in our eighth grade American History curriculum. This is an educational experience of a lifetime.  This year’s trip has been scheduled for April 30th – May 4th, 2019.

The materials in this packet will help you get started in planning for this trip.  Parents can fill out the information online - which we highly encourage or they may mail it directly to Brightspark Travel. The school will not accept any payments or registrations.

Online Registration at: ​https://portal.brightsparktravel.com

​​Tour Web Code: ​THE8ZNU

Links to products being sold for our 2018 Wojos fundraiser:
Fundraier Poinsettias Images 2017.pdf
Fundraier Greens Images 2017.pdf
Student Order Form - Wojos.docx

We are only filling up complete buses this year. With this class, we expect three.
Buses will be filled on a first come first serve basis for students only.  We encourage as many chaperones as possible.  However, our optimum number of chaperones to students is 1:4. If we find that we have an overabundance of chaperones and limited seats available, chaperones will be cut to make room for students to attend.  After the second bus is filled, parents and students will be placed on a “waiting list” until we can fill an entire third bus. Students will be added in the order from which you enroll. Parents will be added on an as needed basis.  Understand that these are prices for filling three whole buses. Any unclaimed seats may affect the cost of the trip.

Information you need to consider when making a decision about the trip:

  • Your trip price includes cancellation insurance.If for any reason you need to cancel, you will be refunded the full amount of the trip minus the cost of the insurance ($46).
  • Fundraising monies will be sent to Brightsparks at the end of February.
  • The fundraising money from students who choose NOT to go on the trip will stay with the Class of 2022.This money will not be used to fund DC.
  • Students/parents dropped from the trip due to academic/attendance/discipline/financial issues may still be responsible for fixed costs if their cancellation puts our group numbers below the goal for paying participants.
  • *please carefully consider the following student expectations for the trip
    • *students will have no more than 3 Es total, for the year, on the 1st,2nd, and 3rd marking period report card or on the 4th marking period progress report.
    • *students will have no more than 15 days of being absent. Note: 6 absent periods equal 1 day, so if you miss every Monday 1st period that will add up!
    • *students cannot be on social probation at the time of the trip.
    • Social probation = 13 tardies per trimester or 10 discipline points
  • Students not going on the trip will be expected to attend school and have enrichment opportunities within the core subject classes.
  • Parent chaperones are a vital part of the trip. All chaperones need to fill out a Central Registry Clearance (background check); these are available in the Middle School Office. There will be an initial check and another check two weeks before the trip.
  • This year we are requiring students to purchase three student t-shirts for the DC trip. This provides us with group unity and safety. There is a form to fill out with your name and shirt size. You also need to pay $25 for these shirts. Please make checks payable to North Branch Area Schools.

Questions can be referred to Mr. James at 688-3284


Mr. James

Eighth Grade Class Sponsor