Quest Honors and Awards

Senior Awards - 2018
Social Studies - Ariela Pace
E2020 - Charles Saley
English - Gracie Ottenbacher
Perseverance - Jordan Nagy
Respect - Kyle Macksoud
Responsibility - Adam Back
Rock - n - Roll - Noah Mayerle
Quest Character Award - Max Rowden
Community Service - Jessica Sherman and Logan Jarvis
Quest Merit Scholarship Winners - Gracie Ottenbacher, Devont Smith
and Alex Gregory
Michigan Alternative Education Organization Scholarship-
Gracie Ottenbacher
Baker Scholarship -
Jessica Sherman


Quest High School Awards

2007 Michigan Association of School Boards "2007 Excellence in Education" award

2007 Michigan Alternative Education Organization School of the year, inlcuding MASB's more exclusive (only 9 schools or programs state wide including all educational levels) 2007 Michigan's Best Award,

2008 Pearson Education Digitals National Referencing Success Award. 

2018 Michigan Alternative Education Organization, MAEO, Outstanding Program Component - "Footsteps".


Quest Testimonials

Quote from Travis Barnard. 2010 Quest Graduate, 2012 Lincoln Tech Graduate with Honors


“ In my junior year of high school I transferred to Quest. It was there that Mr. Rosser, Mr. Walker, and Mrs. A (Aguilar) were able to reach me and help me motivate myself to try to be successful. They showed me that what I did to try to be successful, effort, mattered. They care about what happens to their students and they were there for anybody who needed help, in or out of school. With their help and my new found self-motivation I was able to go on and graduate. I even graduated with more credits than I needed just to help prepare myself for college.

After Quest I went to Lincoln College of Technology in Indianapolis, Indiana to study to be an Electronics System Technician. I was very fortunate to have financial help for college from my mother and scholarship money from the Bowers (Quest Merit Scholarship Award). Lincoln Tech was a great experience for me academically and as a person. It was difficult being away from my family and friends, but I knew how important it was that I finish. I graduated from Lincoln College of Technology on the Dean’s List with a 3.96 GPA, an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science, and forty-seven different certifications involving electronics. I am currently back in Michigan pursuing a career in my field. Without hesitation I would say that without Quest I don’t think I would have been able to achieve this level of success. They knew I had it in me and made sure that I knew, and got the most out of my abilities.”




Quest High School was honored in spring of 2008, to have our long time supporters, Carolyn and Ron Bower receive the Outstanding Advocate of the Year Award from MAEO (Michigan Alternative Education Organization).

In 2007, the Bowers established a scholarship fund for Quest High School graduates and have been the sole contributors since that time.  This is an amazing commitment and encouragement to Quest H.S. students.  Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Bower!   (The Bowers are pictured here with former Board President, Jack Lewis and his wife, Barb)


We were greatly honored this year when the Michigan Alternative Education Organization named our program coordinator, Georgette Aguilar, as the 2010 Outstanding Administrator of the Year.


In May 2011, our North Branch Masonic Lodge were also named Outstanding Advocates of the year by Michigan Altenative Education Organization. 

The NB Mason's have hosted an annual fundraising dinner for Quest and our students since 2007.  They completely provide and cook the dinner for our community supporters and our Quest students provide dessert and provide hospitality for those that attend the dinner.  To date, we have raised approximately $10,000 through the efforts or our NB Masons!

Thank you so much for your continued support of our program!