Kindergarten/Begin-a-garten Orientation and Round-Up

Kindergarten/Begin-a-garten Orientation and Round-Up
Posted on 03/02/2020
Kindergarten Round-UpBegin-a-garten / Kindergarten Round-Up Tuesday, April 7th

     We will be having our Round-Up for new students who will be enrolling into Preschool, Begin-a-garten and Kindergarten.  Many of you have already contacted us to identify your child as a new enrollee for the fall of 2020.  In order to create well balanced classrooms for our students, we will be screening new students entering begin-a-garten and kindergarten.  We have begun scheduling our new students in 20-minute time slots to be screened on that day.   We will be notifying those who have filled out the registration form requesting a particular window of time for the screening by mail with your scheduled time to attend on April 7th.  If you have not filled out a registration form for a screening time and you have a child who will begin begin-a-garten or kindergarten this fall, please contact us to schedule a time.  In the meantime, please gather up the following items which will be needed to enroll your child for school:
  • ¨ Certified Birth Certificate (not hospital cradle roll)
  • ¨ Immunization Record
  • ¨ 2 Samples - Proof of Residency - (One must be a photo ID)
  • ¨ (If applicable) Custody Paperwork

North Branch offers quality whole day begin-a-garten and kindergarten programs.

    If you have questions or would like to set an appointment for Round-Up,

    please contact us at (810)688-3042 at your earliest convenience!