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Board of Education

NBAS Board of Education Overview

Each school district is governed by a board of education. Under state law, school board members are state officers who carry out the state's educational obligations at the local level. The primary function of the board of education is to oversee the education of people in the community. Educational programs conducted at the elementary, middle and high school levels are most familiar. Under Michigan law, a board of education has the ultimate responsibility for school district operations. Among other things, the Revised School Code gives each board of education general powers to: *Educate students. *Provide for the safety and welfare of students. *Acquire and dispose of school property. *Determine matters relating to school employees and contractors. *Control the expenditure and receipt of school funds. *Make joint agreements and cooperative arrangements. Specific provisions in the Revised School Code also assign responsibilities to school boards in areas such as: *Setting the curricula and courses taught in the schools *Employing a superintendent, other administrators, teachers and support personnel. *Levying local taxes to run the schools and adopting a budget. *Deciding whether or not to furnish transportation for pupils. *Negotiating with employee unions regarding salaries and other conditions of employment. North Branch Area Schools has a 7-member board. Members of the board of education are elected to six-year terms (currently changing from 4 to 6 year terms using a rotation schedule adopted by the Board of Education) on a nonpartisan ballot in November by the voters of the community.

Meeting Dates for 2024

Be it resolved that this resolution shall designate that the North Branch Board of Education will hold their regular Board of Education meetings on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the North Branch Educational Services Building.

January 22 Regular Meeting
February 12  Regular Meeting
February 26 Regular Meeting
March 11 Regular Meeting
March 25 No Meeting – Spring Break
April 8 Regular Meeting
April 22 Regular Meeting
May 13 Regular Meeting
May 27 No Meeting - Memorial Day
June 10 Regular Meeting
June 24 Regular Meeting
July 8 Regular Meeting
July 22 Regular Meeting
August 12 Regular Meeting
August 26 Regular Meeting
September 9 Regular Meeting
September 23 Regular Meeting
October 14 Regular Meeting
October 28 Regular Meeting
November 11 Regular Meeting
November 25 Regular Meeting
December 9 Regular Meeting 
December 23 No Meeting – Holiday Season
January 13, 2025     Regular Meeting 


This meeting resolution was duly adopted at a regular board meeting
January 8, 2024

Upon request to the Superintendent, the District shall make reasonable accommodation for a person with disabilities to be able to participate in these meetings.

North Branch Board of Education Members

Daniel Deshetsky, President - 
Cory Mabery, Vice President -
Pat Henne, Treasurer -
Cheryl Howell, Secretary -
Jason Cullin, Trustee -
Maria Hoebeke, Trustee -
Andrew Hebberd, Trustee -