Teacher Contact Directory

Teachers are listed alphabetically by department. You can contact them by phone (688-3001) with the given extension numbers. Each teachers e-mail address is listed as well.  An asterisk (*) next to the name indicates department chair.


English Language Arts

Mrs. Howe ext. 2163   [email protected]

Ms. Jackson ext. 2154 [email protected]

*Ms. Lonergan ext. 2142 [email protected]

Mr. Mitchell ext. 2128 [email protected] 

Mr. Vermeersch ext. 2124 [email protected]



Mr. Bechtel  ext.  2123    [email protected]

Mr. Brusie ext. 2145     [email protected]

*Mr. Burack  ext. 2125     [email protected]

Mrs. Franklin ext. 2134     [email protected]

Mrs. Saelens ext. 2148     [email protected]



Mr. Baksa ext. 2121     [email protected]

Mrs. Kemp ext 2152     [email protected]

Mrs. McMurtry ext. 2146     [email protected]

*Mrs. Wagner ext. 2157 [email protected]

Mrs. Wenta  ext. 2158     [email protected]


Social Studies

Mr. Cammarata  ext. 2135 [email protected]
Mrs. Finley  ext. 2131     [email protected]

Mr. Forster  ext. 2133     [email protected]

Mr. Margrif ext. 2106     [email protected]

*Mr. Marshall ext. 2144     [email protected]


Special Education

*Mrs. Brandt ext. 2122     [email protected]

Mrs. Filkins  ext. 2130     [email protected]

Mrs. Kirk ext. 2155     [email protected]

Ms. Lovasz ext. 2132  [email protected]

Mrs. Welling ext. 2147  [email protected]

Applied & Fine Arts (Elective Classes)

Mrs. Anderson  [Business] ext. 2120     [email protected]

Mr. Ehardt [Band] ext. 2129     [email protected]

Mr. Ferman [PE] ext. 2149    [email protected]

Ms. Healy [Art] ext. 2138     [email protected]

*Mr. June [Woods] ext. 2141     [email protected]

Mr. Sorensen  [Drama] ext. 2151     [email protected]


8World Languages

Mr. Frias  [Spanish] ext. 2126     [email protected]

Ms. Reed [Spanish] ext. 2139     [email protected]

Mrs. Sherman [Spanish] ext. 2150    [email protected]