TITLE I - Information for Families

Our Learning Community

All children are born as a blank slate.  It is "our" responsibility as educators, parents, and community members to fill it wisely. What will our blue print look like? A strong foundation is the most important component. A love of learning, a thirst for knowledge, an ability to form and maintain strong friendships, and an appreciation and respect for the making of responsible citizens are essential ingredients.

Our goal is to provide many opportunities for students, teachers, and parents to expand their knowledge and build strong successful relationships. 

Learning Together

In an effort to forge a partnership that ensures parents, students, and staff working together to achieve student success, North Branch Elementary participates in a "School Wide Learning Compact".  See below for various associated documents:

2022-23 North Branch Elementary School Compact
North Branch Elementary 2022-23 Parent and Family Engagement Policy
North Branch Area Schools - District Parent and Family Engagement Policy

Kindergarten Readiness Assessment
What is the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment?
What should my Kindergartener be able to do?
Parent & School Resources for Family Engagement
MDE Parent Engagement Kit
NBE At-Home Reading Plan
Read By Grade 3 Parent Awareness Toolkit

Michigan Curriculum Standards

NBE follows the Michigan Department of Education state curriculum standards in developing an appropriately rigorous and challenging curriculum.  Links to these standards are below:

Language Arts
Social Studies

MDE Academic Standards Website