Wenta, Mrs. (Science)

This website is no longer maintained - click on the google classroom link to the left to access the website currently used (containing updated syllabus, weekly agendas, classroom documents, study aides, video clips and more.

"There is no knowledge that is not power."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Conference Hour:  5th hour (12:25 - 1:25)

STUDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE A BINDER -This binder should be specifically for this class.  Every other week, notebook quizzes will be given.  

Homework is the rule, not the exception..... it's the practice the brain needs - study a little each night and you will do better on tests

PARENTS...... You received a summary of my course outline (which was signed and returned) to help you understand the expectations for Biology10.  It also contained information about signing up for REMIND texts and about Google Classroom.  Students must sign up for Google classroom and can share this with you, however you will not be able to open the classroom website unless you use your students school gmail address.  

(email is the best way to communicate with me)