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Google Apps for Education

Starting the 2017-18 school year, we are going to be using Google for our email service instead of Microsoft Outlook. We will begin the process of migrating all users and their data over on June 30, 2017. This means you will not lose any of your previous emails. The process will take approximately 3-4 days to complete. During this time, you can access and send email through Gmail but your old emails may not have shown up yet.

To access your new account, go to and sign-in using your same email address (ex. If you have previously used your Google account, use that password to login.  If you need help accessing your Google account, please get in touch with either Amber or I and we will get you a password. 

For help setting up your phone to use Google Apps for Education, please visit the following links:

Android Apple
   Android          Apple

Reminder: If you continue to use Microsoft Outlook email after July 1st, those emails will not be migrated to the new Gmail account.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Mark Brown
Phone: (810)688-7999