Pay Schools


North Branch Area Schools is pleased to bring you the online convenience of our new payment processing system, PaySchools.

This program allows you to make school-related payments online via e-check or credit card at your convenience all from our school's Web site.

How it Works 

Refer to the User Guides prior to making your first payment.

Click on the appropriate link. The first time you access PaySchools, you will be asked to create a username and password. You can then choose to pay by e-check or credit card. To pay by e-check (directly debiting your bank account), you will enter your bank's ABA routing number and personal bank account number. To make your purchase by credit or debit card, enter the account number and expiration date for your VISA, MasterCard or Discover card. After you complete your purchase, an e-mail confirmation and receipt will immediately be sent to you. PaySchools uses "Secure Sockets Layer" (SSL) software, requires passwords throughout the program, and does not store personal bank or credit card information to ensure privacy and security for users. 

User Guides 

Click on the links below to view the Parent User Guides. Use these references before, during or after your transaction if you have any questions

PaySchools Parent Guide for Online Payments

Skyward Family Access Parent User Guide For Online Lunch Payments   

To make an online payment, click on the appropriate link below 

FABS or Little Learners Preschool 
Secondary Summer School
Little Learners Tuition

Athletic Donations

Food Service

Make a food service payment


High School

Class of 2023 

North Branch High School
High School AP Exams
High School Art
High School Band/Music
High School Baseball Club
High School Bowling Club
High School Boys' Golf Club
High School Boys' Hoops Club
High School Boys' Soccer Club
High School Boys' Track Club
High School Calculator Rentals
High School Cheer Club
High School Cross Country
High School Football
High School Football Wounded Warrior Program
High School French Club
High School Girls' Hoops Club
High School Girls' Soccer Club
High School Girls' Track Club
High School Media Center (Library)
High School National Honor Society
High School Performing Arts (Drama Club)
High School Physical Education
High School Project Graduation
High School PSAT
High School Softball Club
High School Spanish Club
High School Store 'The Branch'
High School Student Council
High School Television Production
High School Theatre Operations (Auditorium Rental)
High School Volleyball Club
High School Wood Shop
High School Wrestling Club  

Middle School

North Branch Middle School
Middle School Band/Music
Middle School Boys' Track Club
Middle School Girls' Track Club
Middle School Media Center (Library)
Middle School Store
Middle School Student Council
Middle School Volleyball Club
Middle School Wrestling Club
North Branch Archery Club


North Branch Elementary
North Branch Elementary Media Center
North Branch Elementary School Store


Quest High School

Ruth Fox

Ruth Fox Elementary
RF School Dance